12 Jan

Technical seminar in Bursa, Turkey

On 14th -15th of December in Bursa, Turkey, UniPOS company, together with its Turkish partner Temo ( ), organized general technical seminar in the field of Fire Alarm Systems. Totally 20 teachers from different regions in Turkey participated in the seminar.

Innovation in the school agenda of the Turkish technical universities is lessons in the field of the Security Systems.
The two days general technical seminar in the field of Fire Alarm Systems, is part of the 4 days course agenda of teacher’s education in the field of Security Systems. The purpose of the seminar was to give the ABC in the Fire Alarm Systems.

The seminar agenda was as follows:

1) Fire Alarm Systems – basis.
2) Fire Alarm Detectors – types and basic constructions.
3) Basics in the Conventional Fire Alarm Systems.
4) Practicum with UniPOS Conventional Fire Alarm Panel FS4000.
5) Basics in the Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
6) Practicum with Interactive Addressable Fire Alarm System IFS7000.

The end of the education was marked with a lottery. The winner took a demo kit of Conventional Fire Alarm System model FS4000.

19 May

IFSEC 2010 International Show

IFSEC 2010 International Show took place from 10 to 13 May 2010 in Birmingham, England.

UniPOS LTD presented the products from its 2010 Catalogue. The newly developed economic series of fire alarm products as well as the intelligent network solutions and the applied software for control and visualization of remote sites raised special interest.

We would like to thank all who visited our exposition. The team of UniPOS is convinced that the meetings were interesting and useful both for our present and future partners.

20 Oct

Technical seminar in Kiev, Ukraine

On 14-15 Oct in sanatorium “Pusta Ozernaia”, UniPOS Company together with her Ukrainian partner SteelArm, organized second of all Ukraine specialized technical seminar for the whole range UniPOS products. The participants in seminar were informed from UniPOS trade manager – Eng. Lachezar Petrov and main manager of department Training – Eng. Lyuidmil Georgiev. In the seminar participates more than 90 representatives of companies from all Ukraine.
The seminar program includes:
– UniPOS – past, present and future.
– Organization problems in contemporary addressable systems and the methods for resolving through IFS7000.
– Main principles of Interactive addressable system IFS7000.
– Conventional Fire Alarm Panels commercial and professional class.
– Conventional fire detectors series 3000 and 8000.
– Methods for elimination of fault alarms with conventional and addressable equipment.
– New conventional products with UniPOS trademark – Fire Extinguishing Panel (FS5200E), Remote Control Panel (FS5200R) and Power Supply (FS5200P).

After the seminar, certificates were issued of the participants, as proof for complete training for the purpose, functions and the technical characteristics of UniPOS equipment.