Research and Development

UniPOS works out highly-reliable, easy to maintain and service products of exquisite design.

UniPOS pays special attention to the choice of high technological, up-to-date, compact and consistent components and materials of certified origin for the development of the equipment.

The extensive experience of UniPOS provides you the opportunity to get customer-oriented products, as it is a real pleasure to operate.

New Products Testing

UniPOS products comply with the current protection and safety requirements in the sphere of fire detecting. Being a company respecting its image UniPOS develops and improves its range of products. Striving to meet the latest requirements and expectations UniPOS invests in high technological laboratories for new products testing.

UniPOS has at its disposal a laboratory equipped with smoke tunnels for smoke and temperature checks.

The climatic-technological laboratory of UniPOS ensures the problem free operation of its products within the specified moisture, frost and dew rates, temperature range and physical impact.

The electromagnetic compatibility of each product from the sphere of security and protection is a leading condition for its production and using. UniPOS tests its products in its own laboratory as an extra guarantee for the safety of its customers.

Production Process

UniPOS holds its own modern production facilities where all necessary production units are situated. The high level of interaction, precise synchrony and professional approach of the production team allow raw materials and supplies to transform in a short time into quality end products.

Up-to-date technologies are applied everywhere – SMT, environment friendly processes, inspection of all materials and end products.

Quality Control

The quality control covers the complete production process, from ordering the materials to dispatching the product from our warehouse. UniPOS works only with suppliers providing goods with certified quality origin.

UniPOS maintains efficient and constantly improving quality management system in conformity with BDS – EN ISO 9001:2000. The system covers all company activities as special attention is paid to the production technological and quality control. UniPOS operates its own testing laboratory and a specialized area for technological check-up of the production. Here, highly qualified specialists perform tests on 100% of the production. The goal of UniPOS is to supply its customers with products certified in accordance with the European Standards and that employ the highest possible technical parameters.