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About Us

Since 1995 UniPOS is a designer and manufacturer of fire alarm equipment.

The first step – establishment of the private company is followed by significant achievements that trace out the road to the future.
The products devised during this short period of time reflect the staff’s creative potential and the company’s ability to play a leading part in the fire protection of people and property.

The great responsibility requires steadfast efforts that propel our progress into the only right direction.UniPOS is a synonym of high professionalism, purposefulness, flexibility, flair for prospects and constant pursuit of renovations.


UniPOS holds its own modern production facilities where all necessary production units are situated. The high level of interaction, precise synchronal and professional approach in a short time into quality end products. Up-to-date technologies are applied everywhere – SMT, environment friendly processes, inspection of all supplies and materials upon delivery, 100% test of almost ready and end products.

  • Three generations of automatic fire detectors.
  • Four generations of conventional fire control panels.
  • Two generations of addressable fire alarm systems.
  • A number of periphery devices and accessories.
  • Selection of software for control and diagnostics.
  • Milions manufactured and sold products.

UniPOS strives to widely apply cutting-edge technologies in the process of design of new products. Team of highly qualified professionals utilizes modern components, analysis and simulation. Our laboratories furnished with high-precision measuring equipment allow for new products with high technical features that comply with the European and International Standards.

Large amount of the company’s turnover is invested in R&D activity and therefore we are able to provide our customers with high-class modern products.

Partnership with other high-technology companies and university research centers is another quarantee for the ability of the UniPOS’s R&D teams.

UniPOS maintains working and constantly improving system for quality management, in compliance with BDS – EN ISO 9001:2008. The system comrises almost all company activities, and special care is taken for technological and quality control of the production.

UniPOS operates its own laboratory and a specialized area for technological check-up of the production. Here highly qualified specialists perform test on 100% of the production.

The goal of UniPOS is to supply its customers with products that are certified in accordance with the European Standards and that employ the most possible high technical parameters.

UniPOS, sticking strictly to its style of work, strives to justify the trust of thousands of customers who have chosen the equipment produced by the Bulgarian manufacturer.

UniPOS adopts its customers mainly as partners in a highly responsible activity. The company’s success would never be so valuable without such cooperation. Each purchased product is a beginning of collaboration with the customer – training, consultancy, service and maintenance. After sale service and maintenance is mastered by the idea to reach minimum periods of time necessary for troubleshooting and even service at site.
Profound analysis of defects is a compulsory part of the activity of UniPOS and the results are employed to determine corrective and preventive measures in R&D and production processes.

The products bearing the trade mark of UniPOS are well accepted and acknowledged in a number of countries like Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and others.