Quality Policy

UniPOS Ltd. performs design, production and service of Fire Alarm Systems and devices. Installation and service of Fire Alarm Systems. Production of electronic modules / devices designed by clients.

UniPOS Ltd. undertakes to carry out a Quality and Environmental Policy that provides:

Continuously satisfying customer requirements through:

  • Manufacturing products with guaranteed quality and reliability,
  • Competitive prices and product functionality,
    Fast delivery.

Continuous improvement of the Quality and Environmental Management System through the implementation of:

  • New methods,
  • New means,
  • Processes optimization.

Full compliance of manufactured products and services with:

  • Applicable standards,
  • Legislative and regulatory acts.

Timely and qualitative service through:

  • Compliance with the repair deadline terms,
  • Non-admission of repeatable claims,
  • Competent counselling and specialized training services in favour of the Customers.

Increase Market Share by:

  • Continuous research for new customers,
  • Developing the existing customers,
  • Creating market niches and modifying products in line with market requirements,
  • Upgrading the product range and proper selection of certification bodies.

Improvement of manufacturing processes and technological development through:

  • Innovative technological practices,
  • Implementation of new equipment,
  • Improvement and expansion of the
  • Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP.

Provides conditions for Full Employee Development through:

  • Introductory, supporting and specialized training,
  • Contemporary working environment that meets the requirements.

Exploring New Opportunities through:

  • Finding and participating in new promising projects,
  • In-depth research and analysis of technologies, trends and risks on a global scale.

Protection of the Environment by:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the National and International Standards, Legislative and Regulatory Acts related to the protection of the Environment,
  • Determination and management of the significant environmental aspects concerning the activities of UniPOS Ltd.
  • Activities to prevent pollution.